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Can you replace a diesel particle filter by yourself ?

Can you replace a diesel particle filter by yourself ?

Regenerations do not change anything. The verdict has been reached: the Diesel particle filter in your car is definitely out of order. The question then arises: where can you find a quality DPF at a good price ? Then a second question arises: is it possible to replace the DPF yourself, to reduce costs? In this short article, we will see what handling consists of, what equipment is needed and above all: is it a complicated operation?

Replacing a DPF: what does it consist of ?

The DPF, on a car, is located on the exhaust line. It is generally inserted between the catalyst (or catalytic converter) and the intermediate silencer. If the vehicle has an AdBlue injection system, then the diesel particulate filter will be located just before it. It takes the form of a cylinder included in the line. The operation takes place in several stages. The first consists of loosening the clamps located before and after the DPFIt is advisable to use degreaser/stripper type WD-40 to avoid damaging the threads. Carefully remove the DPF, taking note of the location of the screws, probe placement (if present) and hoses. You can also take pictures at each step if you are unsure.

The new Diesel Particle Filter is then ready to be installed. Before this, it is necessary to replace the gaskets to ensure a good seal. Place the DPF, replace the clamps, probes and hoses. Do not forget to re-attach the thermal protection if your vehicle has one. The operation is therefore not infeasible, but it is advisable to be a minimum handyman and meticulous. It is also strongly recommended to have a bridge or a pit to access safely under your car. If necessary, candles can do the trick, but we invite you to never pass under a car simply lifted from a jack.

Once the replacement is done, an engine light will come on. Indeed, it is necessary to use a diagnostic case for the new DPF to work properly. If some mobile applications connecting to the on-board computer exist, it is advisable to utilize appropriate quality equipment. Before carrying out the mechanical handling, it is better to know beforehand who can update the vehicle's computer system to take into account the new DPF.

Go through a professional.

For a professional, who possesses all the equipment to carry out the replacement of a DPF, the operation is both quick and easy. As a result, the costs are relatively reasonable. Count
on average between 80€ and 300€ , for the change of equipment, not including the cost of the DPF itself. For vehicles up until now under manufacturer's warranty, it is strongly recommended to carry out the operation in a dealership or in an approved garage.

Finally, to replace your DPF by yourself; it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment, allowing an intervention in absolute safety. Otherwise, the use of a professional remains the most recommended solution, especially for the software part. This is an operation that you will not have to repeat on a regular basis, since the lifespan of a DPF is generally at least 120,000 kilometers. Some can even go well beyond that, on condition that you avoid urban uses that prevent regeneration cycles from taking place.

When should the diesel particulate filter be replaced ?

The frequency of replacing a DPF depends above all on your driving style. We can't say it often enough, repeated short trips in town are the sworn enemy of your filter. It doesn't have time to do its job. On short drives, the exhaust fumes cannot be processed properly. Soot accumulates in the part and that's how it gets clogged.

When the DPF is full of soot, the calculator triggers a combustion to clean the part. If you interrupt the regeneration cycle, it will not be effective. After a while, the filter loses its efficiency and the system goes into default. The engine light comes on, it is high time to act.

Some warning signs should nevertheless alert you: increased fuel consumption or loss of power in your engine are among them.

Do you want to know if your Catalytic Converter is Bad ? Do you want to know if your DPF is clogged ?

How much does it cost to replace the part ?

If you are wondering how much it costs to replace a DPF, it is not possible to give you a single answer. That depends on the model of your vehicle and the rates charged by your garage. Don't hesitate to ask for several quotes to compare prices. On average you should expect to pay between 80€ and 300€ for a change of equipment, not including the cost of the diesel particulate filter itself. For vehicles still under manufacturer's warranty, it is strongly advised to carry out the operation in a dealership or in an approved garage.

If you decide to go ahead with this repair, you will save a considerable amount of money, as you will only have to pay the price of the part. Discount websites are flourishing on the web and the prices are nothing like those charged by garages. We urge you to be cautious, it is never recommended to have recourse to the first price for the repair of your vehicle.

Krosfou invites you to be preferred above all stainless steel filters, which are more resistant to the effects of time. They do not rust and therefore wear out less quickly. In addition, the honeycomb structure that lines the part is made of ceramic, which is much more durable than cordierite, which is frequently used by other manufacturers. So, how do we achieve such low prices? Quite simply, because we buy directly from the manufacturing plant. We keep our channels as simple as possible in order to maintain the high level of quality and excellence for which we have been known for many years.

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