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How to clean a Diesel Particulate Filter while driving ?

A clogged DPF becomes totally ineffective. To avoid this, there is a simple method: drive ! Find out how to clean a...

Can we remove the Diesel Particulate Filter from the vehicle ?

The "stripping" is more trendy than ever. But this practice is illegal. Although currently difficult to detect,...

Why Choosing a Stainless steel DPF

Not all Diesel particulate filters are manufactured equal. Stainless steel remains by far the best choice... But for...

How do I know if my car's DPF is worn ?

There are several key elements to diagnose severe wear and tear on a Diesel Particulate Filter.

Can you replace a diesel particle filter by yourself ?

To avoid the cost of replacement, it might be tempting to mount a DPF by yourself ?

Second-hand parts: professional repairers must suggest you that

Since April 1st 2019, professional repairers are required to offer you PIEC certified used parts.

My car's exhaust makes a metallic noise, is it serious ?

Several causes can explain an exhaust gas But do you know them ?

a diesel particulate filter... for car brakes ?

Would the particles released by the brake pads be even more harmful than those emitted by the engines ?

This start-up transforms particles into ink

The Indian start-up has developed an ingenious system to transform particles into ink.

Removing the catalytic converter from your car: a good idea ?

More power ✅, less failure: removing the catalytic converter is tempting... But it is risky !

Diesel particulate filter: what is it ? how does it work ?

Do you really know what this anti-pollution device is used for ?

Does AdBlue prevent the DPF from clogging ?

AdBlue is a liquid present on all diesel vehicles meeting the Euro 6.2 standard. But what is it used for ?

10 tips to keep a DPF in a good condition

The diesel particulate filter is a particularly sensitive anti-pollution device... Here are 10 tips to considerably...

What is the lifespan of a DPF or catalytic converter?

The question of diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters' lifetime has been raised... And it depends a lot...

Where do I install my new diesel particulate filter ?

You have just bought a new particulate filter on our website. You are now looking for a garage to fit it. Krosfou...

DPF, catalytic converter: where to find these parts in an emergency ?

A catalytic converter or DPF failure and all your plans are dashed. Where can you find these parts in a hurry ?...

How to clean your car's catalytic converter ? Here are the steps to follow

Guide to replace and clean your car's catalytic converter

Getting to know your car | What is a catalytic converter ?

Curious about what's going on under your car? With Krosfou you will discover what a catalytic converter is ? The...

How to know if your catalytic converter is out of order

A damaged catalytic converter is not to be taken lightly as it hides other problems on your vehicle. How to detect...

Changing the catalytic converter and the DPF: can I trust my mechanic ?

Cleaning vs. Replacement, the DPF and the catalytic converter are the subject of a real business. Tired of not...

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