Change by yourself your DPF | What you shouldn't ignore

There is no more room for doubt, the DPF light comes on and lights up your vehicle's dashboard. This means that the diesel particulate filter is malfunctioning and probably needs to be replaced. Even though this part is designed to last around 120 000 km, which leaves some margin, the time for repair is always too early. It is known to be expensive and the trip to the garage is painful for the wallet. Can you nevertheless dare to change your DPF by yourself ? Here are all the tips and recommendations from Krosfou for a successful repair that lasts over time.

Tip nº 1 : Choose the right part

Repairing your car by yourself has multiple advantages. You don't have to pay labour costs and you save money by finding cheaper parts on the internet. The DPF is no exception to the rule and many web sites provide them at unbeatable prices. But what about quality and reliability ? Some dream merchants even offer second-hand diesel particulate filters with damaged or non-existent honeycombs. But, if the monolith doesn't do its job, your car pollutes, because it releases an appalling amount of fine particles into the air. You risk failing the technical inspection and you're good for a revisit, AFTER you've made the necessary repairs. You lose on all counts.

The right thing to do ? Trust on Krosfou to take care of your pollution control system. In just a few clicks, it's done. All you have to do is fill in the site's search engine with the registration number, or the make and model of your saloon, city car or SUV. Our parts are all made of stainless steel, they do not degrade over time and are perfectly weather resistant. We source directly from the factory that manufactures them, which allows us to offer you outstanding product quality at some of the lowest prices on the market.

Tip nº 2 : to have the right tools

If replacing by yourself a catalyst is a fairly easy thing, to change un car DPF can make a novice mechanic break out in a cold sweat. You should only undertake this repair if you feel confident enough and especially only if you have the right tools.

First of all you need the usual tools, namely screwdrivers, socket spanners adapted to the thread of your car's diesel particulate filter. You should also have some degreasing agent for stubborn bolts and of course a jack and a set of jackstands.

You'll also need a diagnostic case, or else the warning light will stay on permanently. So you'll be well advised to know where to get your vehicle's repair checked before you embark on anything.

Tip nº 3: Prepare for the repair

Safety is the watchword. Here is a small checklist for a well-organised work site :

-          be properly equipped (gloves, goggles, comfortable clothing, comfortable back) ;

-          prepare all your tools, so that you have everything at hand ;

-          have something to collect the screws ;

-          stand on a flat surface ;

-          disconnect the battery.

Then lift your vehicle and place the set of candles. Your car should be stable and well elevated.

Also locate beforehand the location of your diesel particulate filter. It is usually located closest to the engine. It is a cylinder included in the exhaust line. If you're in doubt, check your vehicle's owner's manual, you're sure to find what you're looking for there. Don't hesitate to take pictures, these will prove very useful when fitting the new part.

Replacing a diesel particulate filter requires a good day's work, due to the preparation, disassembly and reassembly of peripheral assemblies in addition to the replacement of the DPF itself.

Tip nº 4: Change by yourself your DPF

There you go ! First, start by removing the heat shield, also known as the heat shield. This thin layer of aluminium protects certain parts of the engine from the high temperatures coming from the exhaust manifold.

Then unscrew the sensors and hoses around the DPF. This will make access much easier. Do this carefully, so as not to damage any nearby components. Finally, unscrew and remove the diesel particulate filter.

Le replacement of the part is an excellent opportunity to clean the pressure tubes, hoses and connecting flanges. Also replace all gaskets, which ensure a perfect seal. Then install the new DPF and make sure it does not touch the chassis or any other part of the car. Fit all the sensors and pressure tubes in their corresponding slots and replace the heat shield.

You can finally lower the vehicle and reconnect the battery. Connect the diagnostic case to the car's OBD connector and start the procedure to replace the DPF. If you don't do this, it won't work properly and the indicator light won't go out. All you have to do is check your work. If the light doesn't go out and you don't notice any leaks, you're done ! The repair is complete AND successful !

Of course, don't forget to recycle your used DPF  !

Receive up to €250 by recycling your DPF and/or Catalytic converter !

Tip nº 5 : Work in a suitable place

Did you know that you can rent a workshop in a professional garage ? Many networks of community garages are developing across the metropolitan area allowing individuals to repair their cars in a dedicated mechanical environment. Rather than squirming under your car and cursing the world, rent a lift and really enjoy looking after your precious car !

All you have to do is book the pitch and the equipment you need and turn up on the day. The rates are very reasonable and accessible to all. You are guaranteed to work in good conditions, as the equipment provided is regularly checked. Professional mechanics are on hand to advise you on the repairs to be carried out. This is an excellent way to improve your mechanical knowledge in a friendly atmosphere.


You now have all the cards in your hand to undertake and successfully replace your DPF. Whether you own a Peugeot 307, a Golf 6 or an Audi A4, we have the part you need. You can already prepare your toolbox, because with Krosfou the delivery takes place in just a few hours throughout Europe !

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