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Where do I install my new diesel particulate filter ?

Where do I install my new diesel particulate filter ?

By browsing through our pages, you will certainly be capable to find a cheap diesel particulate filter that meets your expectations. The question is where and how to install this new DPF ? Mechanical engineering is really not your field and you don't have a mechanic in your area. Luckily for you, we have a simple solution for you: delivery of your new diesel particulate filter directly to one of our partner garages. We'll explain how it works.

Find a garage by yourself.

When you started looking for a diesel particulate filter, you arrived on the Krosfou site. There you started looking for references. We certainly offer one of the best technologies on the market, an attractive quality-price ratio... But the question of the assembly of equipment bought on the internet raises questions. First of all, you can opt for delivery to your home or a relay point. In this case, you will have to find by yourself a mechanic who will accept to replace your DPF with the one we will send you. Not everyone accepts this mission. However, if you know someone who can perform this mechanical operation, then do not hesitate! Whether it's a Peugeot 308 diesel particulate filter, a Renault Megane diesel particulate filter, or an Audi A4 diesel particulate filter, the operation is very uncomplicated for a handyman, and the savings will be even greater.

Krosfou's partner garages

But not everyone is born with a 12 wrench in the left hand and a jack in the right. If you don't possess mechanical knowledge, don't try the operation by yourself. Replacing the diesel particulate filter remains unrecommended for beginners. We offer you a wide choice of partner garages all over France. These professionals agree to mount the parts ordered on Krosfou. Therefore, you can definitely call on them for a DPF replacement. You can consult the map of Krosfou partner garages here. You will see only the advantages. You will choose a quality diesel particulate filter at the best price, and you will only have to pay for the labor at the garage. Don't hesitate to contact several of them near you for personalized estimates.

Do you want to know if your Catalytic Converter is Bad ? Do you want to know if your DPF is clogged ?

How to choose a Krosfou's partner garage ?

Once you have found a partner garage that fulfills your needs, you only have to enter the contact details of this garage as the delivery address for your new particle filter. The professional will notify you as soon as he has received the part so that you can agree on the assembly date. It is a simple, efficient, and rapid process. What's more, we deliver in only 24 hours, and you will benefit from a 3-year or 100,000 km warranty !

> Discover the list of Krosfou partner garages

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