KF-90308 Catalytic Converter OPEL / RENAULT


KF-90308 Catalytic Converter OPEL / RENAULT
KF-90308 Catalytic Converter OPEL / RENAULT KF-90308 Catalytic Converter OPEL / RENAULT

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Original part (or equivalent) in 2023 technology made in Europe, compliant with Technical Control standards and manufacturer standards

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Featuring unique innovative cell coating technology of monolith (honeycomb structure) based on the deposit of thin layers of selected rare metals, the KF-90308 Catalytic Converter OPEL / RENAULT is recognized as the most reliable and the most efficient on the market, both by the car manufacturers who incorporate it into their new vehicles, and by the biggest names in the aftermarket market that sell it under their own brands.

It is designed for the following models:

Opel      Movano              2.5D       S8U        10/1997-2001

Renault  Master         2.5D       S8U        10/1997-2001

Norm: Euro 2.

Weight: 4.7 kg.

3 years warranty.

Fitting kit included.

During the manufacture of a DPF or catalytic converter, traces of browning due to the deposit of welding fumes may appear. This is part of the normal process of manufacturing a new part.

Manufacturers references
OE 4500247
BOSAL 099-897
WALKER 20975
BM BM80088H
EEC RE6014
AS 30948D
MTS 04.3883
IMASAF 62.24.33