Which insurance for your car garage ?

Which insurance for your car garage ?

A car repair company is not only about tools, cars and good mechanics. It's also about a number of things that allow you to do your job well. Insurance is undoubtedly one of the things you need to do your job well. They protect your company, your employees, your customers and yourself, of course. Some are compulsory, others are not, but that doesn't mean they aren't important. Which insurances for your car garage ? Here's a clear focus on whether your protection is up to scratch.


Protecting your garage

Protection of premises and property

The protection of your premises involves insurance against fire, water damage, theft or electrical damage. It is not explicitly described as compulsory in the texts, but it is in fact compulsory. Moreover, if you do not own the premises, your landlord will require it, so there is nothing surprising about that.

This cover also protects equipment, tools and stock that you use on a daily basis against vandalism, theft, or even climatic accidents. Insurance companies offer multi-risk contracts for professionals. They include extensions adapted to your profession, such as :

  • Machinery breakdown insurance, which supplements the guarantees of the manufacturer of your equipment. This includes, for example, production machinery and equipment, lifting gear or electrical, electronic and mechanical installations.
  • Glass breakage insurance, for your windows, shop fronts, but also your signs.

These contracts obviously have limits, exclusions and deductibles that you should study very carefully before making your choice. An insurance comparator such as those on the sites Lecomparateurassurance.com or LeLynx.fr will help you find the most suitable offer for your garage.

The civil liability

Professional indemnity liability, or RC Pro, is also essential. If you're a seasoned garage owner, you know what we're talking about. For younger or luckier leaders, take our word for it ! Either way, the debate doesn't even exist, as it is mandatory.

It covers losses or damages suffered by a third party, one of your employees or yourself on your premises and in the course of your repair work. It is used to compensate victims, such as a customer who slips and falls in your workshop.

Civil liability if the courts find that you have failed in your obligation of result. If it turns out that a repair was poorly done and the returned vehicle breaks down, you must be able to compensate your injured customer.

What insurance for your car garage : protecting your employees

The professionals in the automotive services sector benefit from a Supplementary Professional Health Scheme (RPCS) specific to their branch. It makes it possible to simplify the implementation of company supplementary health insurance for your employees and to facilitate all the administrative procedures. The RPCS offers health solutions adapted to each company. Thanks to this system, you are able to offer your mechanics and administrative employees an advantageous health insurance scheme that strengthens the attractiveness of your company.

Protecting your employees also involves a provident contract for managers or non-managers. This is an obligation of your branch in order to protect your employees in case of work stoppage, accident, disability or death. This scheme complements the social security scheme.

You can find all this and more on the website of IRP Auto, the website of the social protection group for automotive, cycle and motorbike service professionals.

Vehicle protection

The vehicles you must insure are those you can lend to your clients in the event of theirs being immobilised for a long time, but also those entrusted by your clients. Professional car insurance is also compulsory.

The civil code designates the garage owner as the custodian of the vehicles that he must repair and that are stored on his premises. He must therefore return them in good condition or, if necessary, compensate the victims for the damage suffered. The law also provides for sanctions against the indelicate garage owner who does not behave as a « good father of the family ». If a theft is committed and the complainant proves that you did not keep a close eye on the car, you can be sentenced. It is therefore more prudent to encourage your customers to take back all their belongings before leaving their vehicle with you.

Insurance for an executive

You therefore have all the cards in your hand to determine which insurances are useful and necessary for your car garage. You have guaranteed the protection of the people working with you as well as the property and premises under your responsibility. All the lights are on.< /p> Are you sure ? Are you forgetting anyone ?

You, of course !

Yes, you need insurance to cover the risks specific to your job as a car garage manager. This is known as key man insurance. The name of this scheme is more than explicit. You are the key man in your car repair business. If something were to happen to you, your garage could suffer and lose its turnover.

Such insurance protects you from a loss of business and allows the repayment of your bank loans. Your company can thus weather the storm with greater peace of mind.

The insurance policy is a good way to protect your business.

Don't delay taking out this insurance if you haven't already done so, however, as some companies set a maximum age of membership that must not be exceeded (between 55 and 65 depending on the case).

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