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Doesn't improvise mechanical professional who wants to and becoming a garage owner is not for everyone. There is a big difference between tinkering for yourself or your mates as an amateur and fixing cars professionally. Being the head of a car mechanics business requires skills beyond pure technique. The success of your garage will rely on your ability to manage, organise, create team cohesion and stay ahead of the customer's expectations. A mindset businessman, understand mindset, is what makes the difference in the long run. If you are about to open your repair shop, these recommendations will be very useful.


Have a thirst for enterprise and an ironclad mindset

<Boldness, more boldness, always boldness ! Yes, you will always find someone to discourage you from starting up and there will be no shortage of reasons : economic situation, coronavirus crisis... A businessman has to show a certain amount of courage and a good dose of nerve to create his business.

For all that, these fine qualities are not enough. If you want to open your own repair shop, be aware that you will find yourself alone in making decisions for the good operation of your establishment. And that your decisions will impact your company, your employees, but also your personal life.

Entrepreneurship requires the impossible equation of being a genuine enthusiast with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

A company is a structure in constant motion and you are the instigator of this motion. Don't know where to start ?

  • Develop your vision, study your market and be aware of your customers' expectations.
  • Update your offers according to current trends and communicate all over the place about the changes you are proposing.
  • Maintain good relationships with your suppliers and negotiate better prices.
  • Work on one or more areas of differentiation. The car repair sector is extremely competitive. Offer a service that stands out from the crowd and you will reach new customers.
  • Communicate and maintain your brand image. Website and social networks are a must nowadays. Don't waste time trying to be present everywhere, but target your communication channel well and feed it regularly.

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      Improve your management skills

      When you become a garage owner, it's because you have a passion for mechanics, but rarely for accounting and scheduling ! Sorry to disappoint you, the success of your workshop will not only depend on your technical prowess, but also on your ability to organise the work and keep track of your expenses and income. All things that will keep you away from the workshop maid and the bustle of the bays.

      Managing, is also about delegating to the right people. Use an accountant to help you keep track of your expenses, income and tax deadlines. It is normal that you do not master all the legal obligations to which you are subject. Don't ignore the expertise of a professional, especially in the financial field.

      To become a garage owner, you have to manage !

       Being in the boss's suit has its advantages, but it comes with a lot of responsibility and the job is sometimes thankless. Remember, when you were a mechanic or even a workshop manager, you sometimes had a hard tooth or easy criticism of your manager. But you probably only had a partial view of the situations and issues.

      Management cannot be learned, it must be experienced. It is through contact with your teams that you will refine your style, that you will make mistakes, that you will learn in short. If you haven't already done so, here's something to consider about your ability to manage people. A good manager is :

      • Dynamic. You are the driving force behind your company. Your personality, your energy and your relationship with others will set the tone for the atmosphere. You are not expected to bring out cotillions and confetti at every opportunity, but to be present and to motivate your troops and involve them in the smooth running of the garage.
      • Generous. But not only in the pecuniary sense ! You should value your employees and not hesitate to congratulate them. If the latest recruit to the garage has done well on a repair or breakdown diagnosis, say so. His involvement in his work will grow as will his confidence. He will do his best on the following issues.
      • Courageous. A good manager also knows when he is not satisfied, he has a duty to do so, otherwise he will let the situation deteriorate. We agree, it's not easy and not pleasant. Managing a team involves reframing deviations, even those of an employee older or more experienced than you. However, don't take the whole shop floor to task if one of your own has blundered. You sort it out away from the group, face to face and without ambiguity. And it doesn't matter if you're not seen as a buddy, that's not what's expected of you. At least your employees will see you as a fair person and that will make all the difference later on.
      • Exemplary. When you were an employee, what did you think of a boss who arrived late, did not prepare for meetings or did not keep certain commitments ? Even if you don't have to justify yourself to your employees, bear in mind that your attitude is being observed and commented on. You can only be demanding of others if you are demanding of yourself..


      Take care of your customer relations

      According to an IFOP poll reported by the website Capital, 40% of British people do not trust their garage and even have a frankly unpleasant opinion of it. There are some rankings that one would gladly do without. Like it or not, most people feel they are being ripped off by mechanics, who are accused of inflating the bill. Of course, many motorists know nothing about their car and its maintenance and expect their mechanic to work miracles, in record time, and as cheaply as possible, while they can. But most of them also want to be listened to and understood. You will soon learn that clear and unambiguous communication is the key to any successful partnership.

      On the other hand, when you have gained the trust of a customer, you become HIS garage owner. They will recommend you to everyone around them and the name of your company will circulate by word of mouth. The ultimate recognition.

      Do you think you're on top of your customer relations ? We have written a comprehensive article on this very subject. In it you will find the mistakes you should not make in order to maintain a healthy relationship of trust with your customers. 


      Our blog offers information, news and advice on the daily life of garage owners ! Don't hesitate to share your experience, your projects in comments, we will be delighted to read !

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